Monday, September 24, 2007

Throwdown :: Venom and Tears

Artist :: Throwdown

Album :: Venom & Tears
Label :: Trustkill

In a Word :: Driven

Play This Cut First :: Venom and Tears

This could be the shortest review I've ever written.

On Venom & Tears, Throwdown follows the Pantera riff-writing bluebook to a T. No mind-melting Dimebag solos. But, if you didn't know better, you'd swear you were listening to Pantera. Phil Anselmo could even sue Throwdown vocalist, Dave Peter, for stylistic infringement.

Because Venom & Tears sounds so much like a Pantera album, Throwdown is sure to get bagged on for it. Not here, though. I loved Pantera. As a guitar player myself, Dimebag Darrell was a hero to me. That someone is willing to so unabashedly come in and pick up the pieces of what Pantera left behind is way cool with me.

If we can't have Pantera back, them I'll willingly embrace Throwdown, and what they've become, with open arms.

Now Playing :: Holy Roller

Best Cuts on the Album :: Venom & Tears, SCUM, and Holy Roller

The Bottom Line :: Horns up on this one.

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